All you need to know about our native token

General Details:

Ticker: TMT Chain: BSC — Binance smart chain Format: BEP20 $TMT is our Utility token. By holding $TMT you are being part of our community and will be rewarded with the Ethereum earnings produced by the mining power.

TMT does not have inflationary pools like other tokens, our pools only generate ETH directly from our mining rigs. $TMT is only minted at MTOs (Mining Token Offerings - Presales) where we accurately mint the exact amount of $TMT equivalent to the new amount of mining power (MHs) that can be purchased with the investment gathered in the MTO. Thus, not diluting the mining power a $TMT token holds, even after minting new tokens. Given $TMT equates to a specific and constant amount of mining power (MHs - Mega Hashes), every $TMT token (in the same pool) will always reward the same amount of Ethereum. And as previously explained, this will not change even after multiple MTOs. TMT charges a fee of 10% from all mined Ethereum that will be used to cover the cost of installations, deposits, refrigeration machines, profits, Marketing, and mainly the cost of electricity.

The liquidity will be locked for 3 months and will never be put into staking. After $TMT has been consolidated the liquidity will be burned in order to give all holders the exact and full rentability.

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