TMT - The Mining Token

Is the first token that delivers Ethereum rewards 100% backed from Mining. By holding $TMT you will be able to receive the highest ETH rewards in the whole market since it is based on real mining.

This makes the Mining Token a real sustainable project with no need to mint infinite tokens to feed unsustainable stake pools!

Introduction We are an Ethereum mining company located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, with more than $7 Million USD in infrastructure and machinery from private investors 100% destined for cryptocurrency mining. We realized that when looking for private investors, the Proof of Work (POW) mining process is no longer decentralized as private investors become very involved, and they lose the anonymity they so desire. That is why we want to take the POW one notch higher, taking full advantage of the blockchain power and building from POW something 100% decentralized from start to end.

This is way, The Mining Token ($ TMT) was born, so as to transform the entire Proof of Work mining into a 100% decentralized process from the investment to the obtaining of the profits and thus break down the barriers imposed by Proof of Work mining.

Context Given this growing demand for cryptocurrencies and the unique opportunity in the market, we understand that no one wants to be left out. However, setting up an Ethereum miner requires not only a large investment but also, technical knowledge and a lot of dedication. That is why at TMT we provide the solution for all those entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this technological revolution and cannot do it alone.

For that, at TMT we take care of the mining process from beginning to end so that you do not have to worry about anything else than receiving your income every day. We take care of negotiating with the suppliers, carrying out the proper installation, keeping them in our warehouse, and performing maintenance. In short, mine for you.

How do we work? We gather investments from different people willing to mine until we collect the necessary investment. This investment will be collected in each of the pre-sale (MTO - Mining Token Offering) that we make. Once the MTO is over, The Mining Token will use those funds to expand Ethereum mining, meaning both TMT and mining power will expand equally. Therefore, there shall never be a dilution in the mining power a TMT token represents after each subsequent MTO. Immediately after the pre-sale, each one can begin to receive their mining profitability in Ethereum according to the corresponding amount of $ TMT they have and the pool in which they decide to invest their tokens. Take a look at this link to understand each of the pools in which you can stake your $TMT Everyone will receive the same amount of Ethereum for each $TMT it has. Take a look at the tokenomics to understand better how the mined Ethereum tokens are distributed between Holders.

Profitability In a classic Ethereum mining business, once you buy a hole mining rig to start with, it is very difficult to get out because you will need to sell all the used components, something that is not that easy and you will lose part of the investment by selling them cheap.

Mining is a business that is expected to be profitable over time since profits, in the form of mined ETH, will continue to come long after you recovered your initial investment, this is usually called passive income. In fact, multiple sources of passive income have proven to lead to wealth and at TMT we wanted to give people all over the world the opportunity to start mining as a source of income without having to worry about the usual troublesome inconveniences the average miner has to deal with.

But, what happens if I want to get out of the Business?

Unlike any classic mining company, at TMT you will be able to sell your mining tokens at market price whenever you want, just like any other token! So to recap, you can buy your share of mining whenever you want, mine for the amount of time you want, and sell it whenever you want. As simple as that! Check our FAQ to understand better what happens if the price changes 😉

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