Sustainable Investment

The power of the DeFi ecosystem.

We are building an Ethereum mining center to ensure the best profitability of the entire DeFi ecosystem

TMT is The first DeFi project with profits in ETH 100% backed with Proof of Work. The reason why the highest profitability of the ecosystem. The $TMT is a mining-based token with a fixed supply designed for aggressive price appreciation and high sustainable yields.
Sustainability and innovation in the ecosystem.
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    Equipment – we analyze and monitor the market for mining equipment to buy
    the most profitable units available. We diversify our portfolio to limit our risk to a single type of machine, a single location and single hosting facility.
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    Electricity and Management Cost – we run a very lean and clean operation with low power costs thanks to the fact that we are located in countries with the best electricity rates. Remote management functionality eliminates labor costs and a lot of outsourcing. Additionally, by 2025 we plan to be completely carbon neutral. This will minimize the cost of electricity and contributes to a cleaner environment
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    Availability – Due to reliable power supply and automated miner management, our mining centers achieve an uptime of over 99%.
All these conditions makes TMT able to provide very attractive returns for the investor. By investing in TMT you are investing in Ethereum mining and that is why unlike all the rest of the cryptocurrencies, in this case, you will not have to depend on the price of the $TMT so as to then sell it at a better price, but you will earn thanks to the Ethereum you receive from mining!