The best oportunity to get your $TMT

The Pre-sale or MTO (Mining Token Offering) is the only time when new tokens will be issued since we will be increasing the mining capacity. The MTO is the best time to buy $TMT since this increases the number of Mega Hashes available and more Ethereum will be mined every day which will then be distributed proportionally among all holders What if the MTO doesn't raise 100%? We will simply buy less mining capacity, always proportional to the amount of $TMT sold in the MTO. Remember that always 1 $TMT = 1 MH. The rest of the $TMT not sold in the MTO will be burned to keep the exact ratio. How often will MTO be held? There is no specific period of time since it depends on when we have the necessary conditions to be able to expand Ethereum mining. Don't lose the opportunity when you see an ongoing MTO, we never know when the next will be available

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