⚑Endless MTO

The Endless MTO has arrived! πŸš€

Its been a while since our last MTO and the reason behind that was that we at The Mining Token were designing a new way to purchase $TMT in our site. We’ve created the β€œEndless MTO”, a way to always be able to purchase $TMT at our site at the same price that other exchanges such as PancakeSwap has to offer.

Why do we do this?

Giving miners the option to buy $TMT through the Endless MTO allow us to re-allocate assets to increase the liquidity pool size, leading to an increased stability in the token by decreasing the price impact of a purchase. We are focused on giving people the chance to become miners without having to worry about any kind of additional costs.

Additionally and most important, we are able to purchase more mining power (always keeping our golden ratio of 1MH to 1 $TMT). This has a massive effect on growing the mining warehouse, leading to enhanced economies of scales which result in lowering fixed operational costs. Also, more mining equipment means possibilities of better deals with GPU dealers, again decreasing some of the intrinsic costs of mining, which leads to the ultimate goal of more profits for the miners.

How does it work?

We know miners love price drops, they are the perfect opportunity to increase their mining size position, so we drafted a way in which the Endless MTO will mimic the price in PancakeSwap in either direction.

Moreover, we know this is a new project and we want to allow for all the possible price appreciation that might occur with a sudden spike in TMT popularity. So, a percentage of all purchased $TMT will be channeled directly through the liquidity pool, resulting in a sustained price heightening.

Autocompounding Strategies are now part of TMT!

Auto-compounding strategies help an investor automatically earn optimized yields through a target platform strategy.

How does it work? The users’ funds are first deposited into a staking pool. The target platform utilizes yield-optimizing strategies to enhance returns which increases the value of deposits. They also reward depositors with TMT tokens, which The Mining Token then auto-compounds again for additional returns.

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