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At every time 1 $TMT = 1 MH

All Ethereum rewards produced by the power of mining will be distributed in 3 different pools according to what your preference is:

  • Flex Pool: Perfect for those go are not sure about Ethereum mining business and prefer to earn a little less in exchange for having their tokens available all the time

  • 30 Days Locked Pool: Perfect for those who are in the mining business for the medium-long term so they have no problem leaving their tokens in staking for longer periods.

  • TMT - BUSD LP Pool: Designed to reward those who want to add liquidity to the project and make it even more stable

Historical graph of Ethereum profitability

Apart from the price of ETH, there are other variables that may affect the profitability of mining, such as Gas (fees paid to miners) or the amount of transactions in the blockchain. Regardless, ETH mining is relatively stable when compared to other forms of investment, but to more accurately show these variations here is a graph that shows the Ethereum mining profitability per day since January 2020. As we can see, the rewards for Ethereum mining have been increasing making the business more profitable since then.

Equation for the APR

APR=Rewards(USD)/Staked(USD)APR = Rewards (USD)/Staked (USD)

Assuming the rewards are always the same, if the amount staked in a pool is reduced then the APR will be higher, and if the amount staked in the pool is higher, then the APR will be reduced. If rewards don't change: Higher stakes --> Lower APR Lower stakes --> Higher APR Also, as the amount ($) staked depends on the price of the staked underlying asset ($TMT), if the price drops then the APR will be higer, and if the price goes up then the APR will decrease. If rewards doesn't change: Higher price --> Lower APR Lower price --> Higer APR

Check our FAQ section what happens if: - The price drops? - The profitability drops?

Variables in Profitability

The variables that exist when calculating the profitability of mining are:

  • Hashrate of the market: Affects the amount of Ethereum mined

  • Ethereum Price: Affects if you want to calculate your rentability in USD

  • Price at which you buy $TMT: This will determine the amount of time you need to recover the investment. Early investing will, of course, relate to a faster

At every time 1 $TMT = 1 MH (Mega Hash)

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